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First, About Our Name

True: By definition real, genuine, honest.

Impact: A falling feather has an impact on grass. Alone the word means nothing. Hence the word True.

Communications: It’s what we do…with notable Impact.

What Exactly is True Impact, You Ask?

We provide marketing communications, public relations, strategic advice, or other of our many capabilities, which will in turn have a truly appreciable impact on your mortgage, title insurance, real estate or settlement services business.
We keep things simple. First you’ll tell us about your situation – where you’ve been, where things stand, where you want to go. We’ll ask questions. Then we’ll go and devise a customized plan. Your plan.
That’s it. No coma-inducing PowerPoint presentations, no big agency overhead. Coupling our knowledge of your field’s challenges with our real-world business expertise, we know how to help you increase revenue.

How We're Different

We Do Much More Than Consult

We’re not big on the word consultants. It’s a tad magisterial…almost condescending. We don’t consult. We simply get to know your business, then apply our marketing knowledge to help you improve sales and escalate your market presence.


In addition, True Impact Communications can help you crystallize your company’s identity – to more effectively communicate what it is that makes you different, in a voice uniquely your own.

Unleash the Power of Your Brand

Indeed, in order to build a connection with current and potential customers, your communications must be authentic, consistent and compelling, and as devoid as possible of the usual marketing clichés and jargon.


You and your business have a story to tell – a story that’s yours alone. In a world of sameness, establishing and making an impression with your true identity is the most powerful way to attract new business.

What We Can Do For You

All marketing firms say they’ll boost your bottom line. Their websites invariably include the words strategy, branding, turnkey and passion. They’ll claim to be the greatest listeners since the dawn of civilization.

They all make the same claims. So how do you know which marketing firm can truly help you?

Consider that True Impact Communications is one of only a handful of U.S. firms that specializes in working with mortgage and real estate, title insurance and settlement services firms. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes, from national mortgage lending companies to individuals.

We’re known for our no-nonsense approach, creating communications that are clear, concise, and most of all, compelling. We go out of our way to avoid tired wordplays and glib claims.

Finally, you need a thoughtful marketing plan that takes into account your budget, your goals, your competition, and whatever it is that makes you different. It may include public relations. Or collateral materials. Or social media. Or a newsletter. Whatever it takes to get your business’ name out, and get your revenue numbers up.

List of services
  • - Strategic and tactical planning (from designing a global marketing communications strategy to scheduling an e-mail marketing campaign)
  • - News releases, contributed articles, positioned expertise
  • - Social media marketing strategy and execution
  • - Content generation (ghostwritten articles, blogs, e-newsletters, webinars, audio podcasts, website videos)
  • - Public speaking opportunities (coaching available)
  • - Event planning (media briefings, meetings, conferences)
  • - Direct mail, direct e-mail (message, copy, execution and analytics)
  • - Collateral marketing (sales flyers, capabilities brochures, trade conference materials, etc.)
  • - Web marketing (Web and e-commerce strategy)
  • - Advertising (campaign planning, ad buys, messaging and copy)

Colleagues and Resources

True Impact Communications is proud to collaborate with the following colleagues and friends to best serve its clients.

Brian Rieger
Principal, True Impact
Rick Grant
Founder at RGA Public Relations
Charles Cain
President at Alliance Solutions, LLC
Eric Kittelberger
Triple Play Design Company
Brian Levy
Of Counsel Katten & Temple, LLP
Sean Rieger
Director of Web Development at Rice University
Joseph Chubb
President at CTIS

So, enough of us talking about us. What do others think about us?

True Impact started working with WFG very early in our company’s history. From the start, Brian helped us win positive coverage in the press, which helped our marketing and sales efforts tremendously. Brian’s versatility and understanding of the mortgage and title industry makes him easy to work with—we don’t have to explain our target markets, industry concepts or services to him. He has helped us with brand-building webinars, marketing collateral, direct e-mail marketing and even with our corporate website. Through it all, his advice has been pretty much on the money: tell your clients how you can help them; tell them how much you appreciate them and always tell them the truth. Brian has been a big part of WFG’s early success, and I recommend him highly for any business seeking to tell its story and improve its results.

Patrick Stone, President & Chief Executive Officer at Williston Financial Group

For any national lender that has been around for 25 years, perception is everything. The company is likely to have had many ebbs and flows. Most industry insiders likely have a pre-conceived notion of what that company is about. So goes the story. When I took over as CEO of First Guaranty Mortgage in late 2011, I initiated a relationship with Brian Rieger at True Impact knowing that an image change was in order. At the time, I wasn’t really sure if our industry-wide perception could be altered quickly enough to create a success story. Brian worked with me to create a 12 month plan that would be efficient, affordable, effective, and very manageable. He makes you feel as if he is a part of your team rather than a vendor. True Impact and Brian Rieger are a part of the FGMC story and we will utilize his services for many years to come.

Andrew Peters, Chief Executive Officer at First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

I have worked with Brian Rieger and True Impact Communications for the last several years. We have worked together on a number of matters and I have always found Brian to be an excellent communicator who has been able to get to the heart of issues affecting clients. I believe that Brian can be of great assistance when evaluating and dealing with public relations and marketing issues.

Jeffrey Arouh, Partner at McLaughlin & Stern, LLP

I first met Brian Rieger two years ago at a dinner that a client of mine invited me to. I spent a lot of time talking to Brian and was especially impressed by his listening abilities and his understanding of the mortgage business. I made a mental note that if I ever switched PR companies, I surely would use him. I had been using a PR man who I had known for 15 years and was very happy with how he had put me on the radar. Unfortunately my guy passed away from liver cancer. When this happened I immediately contacted Brian who visited with me in Detroit two weeks later. To say the least I am very happy with our relationship. He keeps me focused; his grasp of my business and “story” is wonderful and he has published my articles in many industry publications, which has helped my business greatly.

Bob Rubin, Managing Director at The Business Loan Connection

I was extremely happy to meet Brian shortly after I started my consulting firm in early 2009. As the owner of a new company, I was challenged to clearly define our value proposition and establish a presence in the marketplace. Brian was invaluable as an advisor, mentor, coach, and friend as I worked through clearly defining our business and establishing a presence in the market. He was able to assist me with press coverage, marketing and sales materials, and published writing opportunities, as well as facilitating valuable contacts with people he knew in the industry. If you are thinking about hiring Brian to work for you, don't hesitate - do it. You will find Brian to be smart, creative, talented, hardworking, and (best of all) effective.

David Coleman, Founder and Former CEO at Summit Point Group

Brian has a unique set of skills. Skills that he has acquired over many years in the business. Skills thatmake him a nightmare for his competition. I've been very fortunate to have Brian focus his efforts on our company. Although True Impact's client list is impressive, Brian treats our operation as if we are his only focus. He cares about our image, branding and they way our clients view our company. He has been willing to sit in on strategic meetings and learn more about why we are unique....he wants the market to notice. He has become a friend in the process and I'm thankful for his service and attention to detail.

Michael Stone, CEO at The Stone Group

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