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I’ve been serving the good people of the mortgage and real estate industry now for about eight years.  Eight good years, mind you.  During that time, I’ve seen the industry discussion go from bundled services and Alt-A loans to RESPA reform to mortgage fraud and predatory lending to the subprime meltdown, servicing fiasco and reg-apocalypse.   more

Admittedly, I’ve offered some strong opinions here recently about the government’s new take on the mortgage and real estate industry.  I stand behind those and remain cynical that anything leaking out of our nation’s capital under the guise of a “solution” is really that. more

As I sit here today and sign off on checks directed to my federal, state and local governments, I have to admit I’m not humming “God Bless America” under my breath.  In fact, like many, I’m muttering something I hope my four-year old son doesn’t hear.  But it’s not because I don’t believe I should have to pay taxes. more

One of the most effective tools in the marketing communications arsenal is The Event.  By The Event, I’m referring to a seminar, open house, roundtable, Webinar or audio seminar.  Few other marketing tools have the potential to brand you as a trusted advisor, generate leads and put you in direct contact with prospects or customers in quite the same way. more

This week, I’m going to overstep my bounds a little bit. That’s ok, I feel very strongly about this. Plus, I don’t work for the CFPB (in theory, they work for me, right?).  more

Let’s be honest.  There aren’t a lot of consultants or agencies serving the mortgage and title industry when it comes to public relations or marketing commmunications.  There are many reasons for this.  After all, this is a very “hands-on” industry.  Many simply choose to go it alone–even without an “in-house” marketing department.  Many of the smaller businesses place great value on everything but their own time.  I’ve seen small agency owners eschew a $300 plane ticket to make a 12 hour drive at an odd time, solely in the name of cost savings.  And I’m not necessarily condemning this.  But it helps explain why many of the more established PR agencies out there aren’t hanging out at mortgage and settlement services conferences. more

This one’s directed a bit more to my friends and colleagues in the settlement services industry, although I’m sure it can apply in many places.  And not my clients, of course (since my clients are, by the nature of the relationship, continuing on with their marketing communications efforts!)  I suppose it will be a bit self-serving.  After all, I’m a marketing/PR guy. more

One of my favorite pastimes is challenging some of my more stubborn friends and colleagues in the mortgage industry on their absence from the wide, wacky world of social media.  Most of these folks are extremely intelligent, extremely successful and have been at this for a long time.  Usually, when I ask why they haven’t gotten involved in something like LinkedIn, I get a wrinkled brow, a smirk or wry grin, a low, guttural sound and then an explanation from the following list.  more

Please indulge me.  I’m going to write yet another post about Linked In.  If you were hoping on my take on the Super Bowl, American Idol or the Cleveland Cavaliers (gagging), you’ll have to wait. more