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With apologies for the minor hiatus, I’m back to marketing communications this week.  This time, I’d like to talk about something that gets overlooked quite a bit when we talk about all the big buzzy things marketing communications folks like to talk about:  the actual words we’ll use. more

This week, I thought I’d go back to the root of marketing communications.  You see, in my opinion, there’s nothing more important to how a company presents its unique value proposition than the language and message it uses.  If you’ve done that well, it won’t matter (much) if you use skywriting, sandwich boards or even go door-to-door. more

Let’s all agree that the mortgage and real estate industry is a tough place to be right now.  Poor market conditions, heavy government scrutiny and interference and overall uncertainty have more than a few firms uneasy right now.  It’s understandable that many are loathe to make commitments to major expenditures right now with many lines of business and sources of revenue almost impossible to forecast accurately.  more

Let’s be honest.  The settlement services and even the mortgage industry are what we would politely call “traditional.”  On good days, that means old-fashioned values like loyalty and honesty.  But on the not-so-good days, shall we say it means, ahem, conservative? more

As my little gift to my valued readers (hi Mom!), I’m going to let you all look behind the curtain this week.  You see, marketing communications strategy, in my humble opinion, is little more than common sense.  And I believe that pretty much any level-headed business person can, indeed, do it himself/herself with just a little thought.   more


For years, the good people of the title industry have lived and died by good-ole’-fashioned customer service and relationship-based sales.  I’ve often been a bit surprised by the number of executives referring to marketing and sales interchangeably, or even synonymously.  Many times I’ve sensed more than a bit of contempt for the concept of media relations or e-marketing.  For years, new business was a matter of knowing—and remembering—a customer’s birthday and having an idea of which red wine goes best with a porterhouse. (I kid because I care.)  more

Well, here we go. It may be the Seventh Sign of impending Apocalypse, or it just might be a sign of progress. Either way, I now have a blog. more