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So it took, of all things, the hyperbolic media coverage of Snowmageddonpocalypse along the East Coast recently to drag me back to my blog.  No promises, but let’s see if we can’t keep this going.

Unless you are living off the grid in a national park somewhere, you couldn’t help but be battered by a 24/7 informational assault to the senses earlier this week.  TV.  Radio.  Social media.  Internet.  All caps headlines. Flashing lights and sirens.  Warnings using words like “worst ever,” “life-threatening” and more.

All over a reasonably significant but hardly historic snowstorm.  In the Northeast.  In January.  (Jon Stewart has a great take on this.)

In fact, it seems like each new weather “event” is heralded by increasingly poignant language and dire warnings. Reporters standing in floodwaters.  Government officials urging citizens to buy powdered milk and D batteries.  That sort of thing.  And the result is that the target audience grows increasingly deaf and indifferent to their cries.   I wonder when (not if) one of the 24/7 infotainment channels will forecast that the sky is, indeed, about to fall.

This catastrophe, brought to you by...

This catastrophe, brought to you by…

So what does this have to do with your mortgage or title focused marketing or PR program?  Why, everything!

You see, for years, our choice of adjectives for our products or services–be it on our websites; in our news releases or in our ads–has been similarly hyperbolic.  As a result, once-powerful words like “revolutionary,” “game-changing,” “cutting-edge” or even, er…”powerful,” have become cliches.  In fact, some have taken on almost opposite meanings to the cynical ear.  It appears that each and every similar new technology lives on the bleeding, leading, cutting edge (must actually be a lot of room on that edge).  Pricing is “competitive?”  Uh oh…it’s pricey then.

Once upon a time, this was refered to as “puffery.” In selling one’s goods or services, one was actually expected to accomopany his/her pitch with trumpets and dancing bears.  But we live in a different world now.  The louder you yell, the less you’ll be heard…and even less you’ll be believed.

Stick to authenticity.  You don’t have to promote your weak points, of course, but be objective enough to understand that very, very few products or services in our world are truly “game changing.”  So choose your words carefully as you promote your brand…or you might as well tell them the sky is falling.

It’s amazing for me to think that my little consultancy is almost two years old.  Funny thing is, I didn’t set out to be a consultant.  It just worked out that way.  Today, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. more

Year two of the mortgage meltdown, and the proverbial landscape has definitely changed.  Countrywide is just a memory.  Freddie and Fannie spend more time salvaging loans than buying them now.  The Fed has become (or revealed itself as) the very hand of God, as we await the results of the end of its MBS program.   Mortgage lenders and title agencies alike are grappling with yet another mangled, HUD-created mess.  The appraisers are at the throats of the AMCs like never before.  The underwriters are sharpening their litigation skills.  And the abstractors are just waiting for the phone to ring. more

Ok.  I’m late again.  For the half-dozen or so of you out there awaiting this blog (Hi Sis!), I’ll make it up to you.  Maybe I’ll buy you all a beer Friday.  Or perhaps (gasp) a second blog on Friday. Stay tuned… more


By now you’ve figured out that this is not a blog for PR experts seeking to dissect the esoteric nuances of elite public relations theory.  I’m just not that eloquent, or interested.  Instead, I tend to go back to basics, and tailor those thoughts to my little corner of the world—the title and mortgage industry.  In other words, I’m assuming that most of the 12 of you (Hi Mom!) who do read my little blog are business people—folks worried about business results who know just enough about PR to be dangerous.  Well, except my mom. more