Banned Clichés

Just for fun, a few phrases we try really hard to keep out of our clients’ messaging, and why.
“Navigate the changing landscape”
Probably only really works with a compass or a GPS. Anything else…not so much.
As in, solutions in search of problems? We can substitute the word “thing” here. It has as much meaning.
“Competitive pricing”
A great way to tell a prospect your pricing is high.
A great way to tell a prospect that your product or service lacks quality.
“Manage client expectations”
As in, explain why one didn’t or couldn’t meet the client’s expectations…
“Think outside the box”
Don’t worry, we’re plenty creative. Just not sure where to actually find this box to which we so often refer, or who actually admits to brainstorming there.
Can’t we just call this what it is? It’s brainstorming. And it’s part of the job of any marketing communications professional. Nothing fancier than that!
“Going forward”
Is there really any other way we can go? Does anyone ever start a sentence with “going sideways?”
“Continue (as in ‘continue to grow, continue to navigate the changing landscape…’)”
A great opportunity to take a one second nap until the speaker actually says something of substance.