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Ok.  This one’s a little political.  We’ll go back to marketing next week.

You may have heard recently that the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending states ban texting and even using phones while driving. more

They’re everywhere!  In my in-box.  In my mail-box.  At trade show booths and in the marketing collateral I get.  They’re content marketing newsletters, and it would appear that the good people of the mortgage and real estate industry have picked up on their value. more

Happy New Year!  Well, it’s only been about 112 days since my last blog, or so my Linked In app advises.  So it’s probably time to practice what I preach. (Blogging Rule # 101(a):  Post consistently)   more

With apologies for the minor hiatus, I’m back to marketing communications this week.  This time, I’d like to talk about something that gets overlooked quite a bit when we talk about all the big buzzy things marketing communications folks like to talk about:  the actual words we’ll use. more

“There are pockets of our society that are not just broken but, frankly, sick. For me, the root cause of this mindless selfishness is the same thing that I have spoken about for years. It is a complete lack of responsibility in parts of our society, people allowed to feel that the world owes something, that their rights outweigh their responsibilities, and that their actions do not have consequences.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron more

My apologies for the lengthy delay.  I’ve been busy!

One of the things I have been doing is observing the way our industry reacts to the sea change affecting it every day.  The regulatory scheme is different, and getting differenter every day.  (Nice thing about blog postings is that one doesn’t need to use perfect grammar all the time.).  more

I’ll be the first to admit it.  Public relations folks (like me) aren’t usually the first professionals sought out by the top executives when the time comes to make a big decision.  And we’re generally not the first ones consulted on overall business strategy.  Maybe we should be.  Maybe we shouldn’t.  I’m not really here to argue that. more

Sorry for the extended absence.  Life has been good lately, which tends to mean “busy.”  But I had an unwanted experience recently that went to the heart of what I do, so I thought I’d share. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought to tell such a story.   Consider this a living example, if you will, of why it’s important to review one’s customer service policies and practices from time to time.  more

I know, I know.  What does that mean?  Isn’t social media all about networking by its very nature?  Well yes.  Unless it’s not used that way. more

This week, I thought I’d go back to the root of marketing communications.  You see, in my opinion, there’s nothing more important to how a company presents its unique value proposition than the language and message it uses.  If you’ve done that well, it won’t matter (much) if you use skywriting, sandwich boards or even go door-to-door. more